The PI-TECH is designed to locate low-lying metals up to a maximum depth of 3 meters.

-50 × 50 cm search frame

-1 meter x 1 meter search frame

- 32 & 38 cm search coil
- 254 - 281 Hz frequency
-Optical and Acoustic Metal Distinction
- 2 years warranty

The Pulse of OPTIMUM DETECH is a pulse induction (PI) metal detector that can be easily described as an electromagnetic echo. The PULSE has a transmitter that emits electromagnetic pulses. These pulses cause an object- specific response signal from the electrical conduction of the materials. These response signals are intercepted and processed by the receiver of the detector. OPTIMUM DETECH's PI-TECH features medium-sized and large-scale metal objects that can be detected and located in relatively large areas, thereby suppressing or discriminating the display of signals from wire debris, nails or small ferrous metals ,

An advantage is that the device is equipped with a frame and a search coil, in this way you can operate alone or lo
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